After almost a year of dreaming, drafting, and doing, we are deeply grateful to announce the release of our new and thoughtfully designed retail coffee packaging!

We believe coffee is one of life's simplest joys. More than just an energy booster, coffee is part of a human ritual — a ritual that promotes creativity, wonder, connection and so much more. Enjoyed both in solitude & with loved ones, it fuels creativity and brings people together from all walks of life.

In our offerings you’ll find both single origins and blends that have been intentionally sourced and meticulously roasted, highlighting their natural sweetness, balance, and beauty. We are so fortunate to be building relationships with farmers and their families around the world and believe that these types of partnerships build a strong infrastructure for an equitable future.

There are several inspirations behind this new design, but at the fundamental level is gratitude for the gift of each new day. The new box design housing the coffee is intended to express how beautiful, unique, and special each coffee truly is, while also celebrating its journey from origin to your cup.

We sought to create this design as a simple reminder to be in the moment, savor what is beautiful, and carry on through all of life’s ups and downs.

From our families to yours, we are honored to continue to share this beautiful and intentionally-sourced coffee. And while we cannot always control or predict all of life's ups and downs, we hope that as you enjoy your favorite cup of coffee, you are met with a sense of joy and hopefulness for all that is ahead!


Timothy Shenkin