Brazil• Ocafi

The Coffee

Region: Mococa, São Paulo, Brazil

Processing: Natural

Varietal: Mixed

Tasting: Almond, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla

The Importer: OCAFI

A new 2024 partnership, Ocafi is an awesome addition to Makeworth's rotation of importing network. Ocafi immediately impressed our roasting team with their drive for transparent, sustainable and direct methodology. In addition to curating a wide variety of offerings ranging from community lots to microlot coffees, Ocafi is an incredible example of approaching coffee producing with a regenerative and innovative approaches. We are really pleased to source through this channel and hope you enjoy the selections provided.

About The Coffee:

Fazenda Pinheiro is located in the rolling hills of Mococa, in northern São Paulo. Maria Silva and Marco A. Guardabaxo acquired the fazenda from Ruben Pinheiro in 2003 and planted a total of 9.5 hectares of coffee in 2007. Small lots of coffee had been grown on the farm for many years, however Maria and Marco greatly developed the farms output. The farm sits at between 800 to 900 m.a.s.l., with the coffee plantations lying in the flat plains of the farm and the eucalyptus trees spreading over the many hills. Since November 2003, Marco has been using his knowledge of agronomy to consistently renovate and expand the fazenda. Alongside modern farm infrastructure Pinheiro is also home to Our Lab, the Ocafi office and a roastery. Fazenda Pinheiro is our hub in the region and the true heart of Ocafi’s operations worldwide.