Colombia • Paola Trujillo

The Coffee

Producer: Paola Yuliana Trujillo Paz

Farm: Patio Bonito

Processing: Washed

Varietal: Pink Bourbon

Tasting: Pink Lemonade, Strawberry, Milk Chocolate


The Importer: Equation Coffee

Working with Equation Coffee is a special opportunity. In addition to quality offerings and well-regimented quality control, Equation is a conscious and environmentally forward importing company. 


The Producer: Paola Trujillo

We are so thankful to have become connected to Paola Trujillo and Patio Bonito. Her exceptional work to steward Patio Bonito is reflection of her intelligence and passion, as well as the foundation her father Don Carlos Trujillo laid before her as a coffee farmer of over 40 years. At Patio Bonito, there is deliberate commitment to not only perfect fermentation practices but to also leave a legacy of sustainable agricultural practices. In the words of Don Carlos: El mejor legado que podemos dejar a nuestros hijos es: amor, conocimiento y un planeta en el que vivir.