SOLD OUT— okloveyoubye (:

SOLD OUT— stay tuned for future collabs!!

Jimmy the Barista x Makeworth Blend: okloveyoubye (:


12oz whole bean

There something truly sweet about how coffee connects people. Something even sweeter is when two internet-turned-real-life friends dream up a way to co-create something special. After creating a Roasting for Beginners video, we all knew it was time to take the coffee magic to the next level with a collab blend.

At the heart of this collaboration is a shared passion for a few things:

  1. That we get to share the incredible brilliance of coffee producers in our world. To show a spotlight on this beautiful, often unseen, part of the industry
  2. That coffee is meant to be fun and inspire a sense of wonder and joy 
  3. That the very act of creating with others is what makes being human so great.

From a coffee perspective:

This blend has a fascinating composition that showcases a single popular varietal in the specialty coffee scene-- the Pink Bourbon varietal. This blend is comprised of a 1 part washed, 1 part naturally processed pink bourbon varietal both grown in the southwest region of Colombia by two different & incredible producers. 

In the cup, you'll catch the impact of how processing affects flavors. In the same sip you'll taste the clean and sweet, slightly tropical aspect from the washed component and simultaneously met with the much more vivid and fermented quality from the natural component. On our cupping table, we cant help but be giddy about how this coffee is not single origin, per say, but is single varietal, which further highlights just how amazing and meticulous the work of coffee producers truly is.

From us at Makeworth and from Jimmy the Barista, we hope you enjoy this collab blend: okloveyoubye :)

The Coffees

Washed Pink Bourbon by Paola Trujillo. Cauca, Colombia

Natural Pink Bourbon by Luis Calderon. Huila, Colombia

The Importers:

Equation Coffee

Know Where Coffee by Juan Diaz

The Producers: 

Paola Trujillo

Luis Calderon