Rwanda • Kula Project •

The Coffee

Farm: Nziza Cyane

Processing: Washed

Varietal: Bourbon

Tasting: Apricot, Berries, Vanilla


The Importer: Kula Project

It's our absolute pleasure and excitment to partner with Kula Project for a second year. In addition to supplying absolutely stunning Rwandan coffees, Kula has an incredible impact on the coffee world as a non-profit that faciliates fellowship education and support for women coffees farmers. By providing education, access to funding, and support in export, Kula's impact is one of the most creative and mission-driven organizations we know. We are immensely proud of this partnership-- through and through!


The Producer: The Nziza Cyane lot

This washed microlot coffee comes from the Nyamasheke district of Rwanda. The Kula Project works with and supports over 1,000 coffee farmers in this region alone to empower them in their ventures. The project also aims to connect the gap between the consumer and the producers of the specialty coffee industry to increase value to the farmers and the hard work they put into growing coffee. This connection is made through the sharing of knowledge and stories of where the coffee comes from as well providing farmers with access to industry training, personal development, mentorship and investment opportunities. The work the Kula Project is doing in Rwanda is improving the quality of coffee produced and providing a more sustainable industry