100g Inspire Series: California by Jay Ruskey • Wholesale

Origin: United States of America

Producer: Jay Ruskey, Good Land Organics

Importer: Frinj

Region: Santa Barbara, California

Varietals: Caturra Rojo

Elevation: 1200 MASL

Process: Washed

Tasting: Dried Apricot, Peaches, Brown Sugar

Specialty coffee from CALIFORNIA, USA?! You read that right!

Listen here, this coffee is a reflection of some serious ingenuity, inspiration and passion for the future of coffee. 

 We are deeply inspired by the work of Jay Ruskey and the entire Frinj team. They are a clear and shining example of pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the specialty coffee world through their network of coffees grows based in southern California. As a once-home to some of us at Makeworth, it's an incredible honor to bring this coffee onto our menu. This Caturra Rojo varietal boasts a very balanced, complex and lively mix of fruit and savory tasting notes. It's a highly likeable and highly drinkable coffee that showcases the outstanding work of california coffee growing. 

Historically coffee in general has not been grown this far from the equator, but the conditions of coastal california mimic similar environments from more popular orgins. Frinj, as a network, produces, processes, and mills internally; making it an exceptionally in-house product. 

So why this coffee? a few reasons:

1. We believe in innovation. This coffee is the perfect example of exploring new ways to carry out the incredible traditions behind growing coffee

2. We believe in the revitalization of farming space in California. Where avocado and other crop grows, coffee farms serve as a deliberate reutilization of farming space to add more value to this incredible farming community

3. We believe in exploration. Not only does exploration lead to finding new, often times better, opportunities, but it also affects how we view the world. We believe that coffee, as a reflection of life in general, is infinite space to explore!

We hope you try american-grown coffee and find excitement in each new day! 

 This coffee is roasted to order, and served in a 100g container

 More about Good Land Organics 

Good Land Organics is the first commercial coffee farm in California. It is nested in the hills above Goleta, CA, overlooking a majestic view of the Pacific Ocean. Jay Ruskey began farming this land over 25 years ago, and now this organic farm is layered with over a dozen subtropical and exotic crops, contributing to both its diversity and charm. Seasonal fruit can be purchased on Good Land Organic’s online store. Coffee was first attempted as an experiment in 2002, but this crop quickly won the attention of both Jay and the world for its success. After years of trial and error, Jay identified a replicable farming system that consistently produced high-quality delicious coffee. In 2011, he decided to share this crop with farmers across Coastal Southern California. Through his new venture, FRINJ Coffee, Jay and his team are leading the way for California to become the world’s next producing coffee region. Good Land Organics is now the flagship coffee farm and headquarters of FRINJ Coffee. Inc. It is home to over a dozen Coffea arabica varietals which are also the parent plants for our breeding program.