China • Double Anaerobic • Wholesale

The Coffee

Importer: Torch

Origin: Ximeng, Yunnan, China

Processing: Double Anaerobic Natural

Varietal: Mixed

Tasting: Jolly Rancher, Dark Chocolate, Boozy


The Importer: Torch

Thanks to friend, & Q Grader, Jen Martinez, We stumbled in some of Torch's offerings after coffee expo 2024. At the time, we were not actively looking for additions to our menu, but were blown away by the cupping table and knew we had to select an offering. Along with a few other origins, Torch provides some of the most incredible coffees from China we've ever tasted. Their intention in design, offerings and commitment to quality has been a perfect fit to our importing lineup.

The Coffee & Origin: Yunnan, China

The name "Black Sheep" for this coffee comes from the very, very unique tasting profile that deviates from the more typical style of coffees coming from Yunnan. As a roasting company we love highlighting lesser-known specialty coffee origins, but there was something universally special about this particular coffee.

The idea of "anaerobic" processing is a growing in popularity. By removing or delaying oxygen from the natural process environment, you can increase the positive impact from fermentation in the coffee. By adding multiple stages of anaerobic processing, as noted in this coffee as a "double anaerobic", additional control of complexity becomes possible to balance out a more standard impact to the cup. This specific coffee is an experimental coffee that features a 30-day anaerobic fermentation, an initial drying period to 35% moisture, an additional sealed 20-day fermentation and a final drying to 10-12% moisture. 

We know you will love this unique profile. It's vivid, it's unique and has layers of complexity to appreciate!