100g Inspire Series: Mexico by Jesús Salazar

Origin: Mexico

Producer: Jesús Salazar, Cafeólogo

Importer: La Nacional 

Region: Chiapas

Varietals: Typica, Bourbon, Caturra, Catimor

Elevation: 1600MASL

Process: Natural

Method: Fully developed cherry recollection, processed by "Beneficio Comunitario Sierra Madre" 48hr fermentation without oxygen and hermetic bags. 30 day drying period in raised beds.

Tasting: Blueberry, Huckleberry, and Arnold Palmer


This coffee is a pinnacle expression of what keeps us inspired by the future of coffee. When our team sample evaluated this coffee we were taken aback by the complexity AND clarity. There are layers of highly discernable variety of fruit notes, that felt both tropical and berry-like,combined with an astounding aftertaste, mouthfeel and clarity-- this coffee might be one of the highest scored coffees we've ever brought into our offering list. There is something so special about natural process coffees that ultaimately carry a clean, tea-like and long lasting mouthfeel. No dobut this coffee is objectively exceptional.


But we are also deeply inspired by the process of its production. Jesús Salazar is a role model to many in the coffee world for his educational leadership and impact-- and we as a roasting company couldn be more grateful. Purchasing a premium coffee is a gift that keeps on giving, not only to all of our taste buds, but to the impact of experimentation and innovation at the producer level. We are grateful to be a recipient and roaster of this gem, it's a coffee that stands out for many reasons.


This coffee is roasted to order, and served in a 100g container


More About: Cafeólogia by Jesús Salazar

Cafeólogia is the coffee education and
farming institution founded to bring talented people together, with whom to work from a common philosophy. The mission is to create the human, economic and material conditions for the maximum expression of coffee and those who work it. For Cafeólogia the perfect cup is the synthesis of aesthetic enjoyment and ethical action. What cannot be overstated is the caliber of quality coming from Jesús and his team. Not only is this coffee one of our highest scoring coffees we’ve ever offered, we are thrilled by the incredible educational impact Cafeólogia continues to have on coffee producers far and wide.