Can you name a better pairing than books and coffee? Heading to a local coffee shop to read a few chapters of your newest literary journey is a favorite pastime of many, and our baristas are no exception. Settle in and read on for some of the Makeworth staff's favorite page-turners!

What's your favorite book as of late?
Britton: The Book of Ichigo Ichie, by Francesc Miralles. It's about taking time to appreciate the small moments of life.
Alanna: The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune. It just made my heart feel warm and fuzzy the whole time I was reading it!
Bennett: I've been really enjoying The Dark Stuff, by Nick Kent. It's an exploration into some artists I look up to, like Kurt Cobain, Miles Davis, and Rorki Harrison, in darker periods of their lives, and how they've either succumbed to or overcome their struggles.
Taylor: Probably Tenth of December by George Saunders. It's a short story collection, I'm actually listening to this one — it's my first dabble into an audiobook. He reads it himself, which was the main pull for me wanting to read it. It's a great read for people like myself who don't really like sci-fi... his stories always have a dystopian element, even though they aren't necessarily dystopian.


What do you like about reading?

Bennett: I like the state of being present within the story. You can't be reading without being present... you can exit yourself and find meaning elsewhere outside yourself.

Britton: I like that it gives me either an escape from the world or to better understand other people.

Taylor: I love learning about things you wouldn't normally learn about in your normal life. Everyone has such a unique experience — reading for some people is an escape, but for me, I feel like I also read to validate things I see, experience, and feel. It gives you new ways to think about things.

Is there any sort of connection between coffee and reading for you?Alanna: Oh, for sure. If I'm not reading at home I'm reading at a coffee shop. It's cozy, there's unlimited caffeine and ambient sounds... and something about other people reading is motivational for me to keep reading.

Bennett: For me, being part of something that feels like a collective enhances my experience and my concentration. When I'm in a room alone trying to focus, my mind wanders. In a space where people are drinking something like coffee that adds to clarity and consciousness, I'm able to focus better. We're all on this same route of trying to create and find meaning, and when I feel like I'm a part of something, I feel more tuned in


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Corey Silversmith