Since the launch of the coffee pod market in 1986, single-serve coffee has only grown in popularity. Originally hailed as a ridiculous idea, consumers proved otherwise. According to the National Coffee Association, one in five adults has used a single-cup brewer in the last day.

While convenient, coffee pods are known to be hard on the environment. Often made of a combination of plastic and aluminum, they prove difficult to recycle, which can increase waste generation. Used pods often end up in landfills and can impact our waterways.

Steeped Coffee offers a potential solution to the coffee-pod problem. Made of fully compostable packing, Steeped created the Steeped Brew Bag, designed for consumption much like one would brew a cup of tea. Steeped only uses high-quality, ethically sourced beans from craft roasters — like Makeworth Coffee!

Makeworth Coffee is excited to announce our partnership with Steeped Coffee as one of Steeped's Licensed Partners! Our State St coffee is available now in Steeped Brew Bags. It's a washed coffee with a bolder, darker roast, and it has tasting notes of clementine, dark chocolate, and honey. State St is a favorite in our cafe and we're stoked to offer it in single-serve form! Perfect for your morning cup or taking on the road, Steeped has perfected a guilt-free way to consume your favorite coffee in a single-serve bag.
Corey Silversmith