Colombia • Luis Calderon SL-28 • Wholesale

The Coffee

Producer: Luis Calderon

Farm: Villa Betulia

Processing: Natural

Varietal: SL-28

Tasting: Strawberry, Cheesecake, Peach Galette


The Importer: Know Where Coffee

KWC’s role is to facilitate. In other words, to make this process easy, fun and enjoyable from producer to importer to roaster. CoTrade helps by committing to the purchase encouraging us to build long partnerships with our producing network. KWC in alliance with CoTrade are the QC team at origin for all Colombian coffees. They make sure all coffee is tasting the same, and that it is processed correctly, from dry cherry or parchment to clean green. 


The Producer: Luis Calderon

Luis is a 3rd generation traditional and true coffee grower. He lives on his farm, Villa Betulia, and raises his coffee and family on his land. His family consists of 5 boys and the oldest 3 are taking over sections of coffee production and marketing as they grow and learn from their father. Luis is very hands on with his coffees and knows them very well, paying close attention to the details.

Villa Betulia is located in the Huila Region 1600-1800 miles above sea level. There are over 15 varieties on Luis’ 20 hectare farm at this point. He has been collecting and buying seeds from Colombia and all over the world over the last 15 years. Luis is passionate about crossbreeding and has been growing new varieties like what makes up the majority of his farm, Maracaturra. He also grows Pink Bourbon, Gesha, SL-28 and Pacamara which are his top selling coffees.