Colombia • Alejandra Angel

The Coffee

Producer: Alejandra Angel

Farm: Fincamigos

Processing: Natural

Varietal: Tabi

Tasting: Tamarind, Wine, Chocolate, Tropical


The Importer: Know Where Coffee

KWC’s role is to facilitate. In other words, to make this process easy, fun and enjoyable from producer to importer to roaster. CoTrade helps by committing to the purchase encouraging us to build long partnerships with our producing network. KWC in alliance with CoTrade are the QC team at origin for all Colombian coffees. They make sure all coffee is tasting the same, and that it is processed correctly, from dry cherry or parchment to clean green. 


The Producer: Alejandra Angel

Alejandra Angel, with the help of her farm manager Luis Alberto Chavarro, approach specialty coffee with very intentional and diverse agronomic technique. By utilizing diverse coffee varietals, soil nutrition practices, and fermentation approaches, they are able to achieve some truly unique and quality tasting profiles that stand out well and consistently score at exceptional levels. This particular coffee is a Tabi varietal, devloped and released for use in the early 2000's as a hybrid and environmentally sturdy option to produce both quality tasting and more predictable yield despite changing environmental conditions.