*DECAF* Guatemala • Los Conejos • Wholesale

The Coffee

Producer- Julio Cesar Ordoñez-Montenegro

Farm-  Los Conejos

Processing- Natural, Swiss Water

Varietal- Bourbon, Catuai

Tasting: Huckleberry, Plum, Milk Chocolate


The Importer: Onyx Coffee Importers

Onyx Coffee Importers have been one of the most valued, trusted and instrumental supporters to our growth as a roasting company. Their focus and passion as a guatemalan specific importing company, led by Edwin Martinez, is contagious and inspires the coffee community to create legacy-focused supply chain relationships that positively impact, truly, from farm to cup.


The Producer: Julio Cesar Ordoñez-Montenegro

Los Conejos farm and wet mill represents the collaboration of two award-winning producers on the cutting edge of processing experimentation. This special natural process was rinsed, and dried in full cherry on covered raised African beds for 16 days, before resting in Grainpro bags for 2 weeks and dry milling. When the Ordoñez-Montenegro family purchased land in Santa Rosa de Lima for coffee production in June 2014, they did so in order to strategically leverage a microclimate and soil that's perfect for coffee cultivation. The children had pet rabbits, and these pets were sent to the new farm. Every weekend the kids would say, "Let's visit the rabbits!", and thus the farm was given its name - Los Conejos.