El Salvador • Gerardo Cáceres • Wholesale

The Coffee

Producer: Gerardo Cáceres

Farm: Finca Colombia

Processing: Natural

Varietal: Bourbon

Tasting: Red Apple, Nectarine, Black Tea


The Importer: Equation

Working with Equation Coffee is a special opportunity. In addition to quality offerings and well-regimented quality control, Equation is a conscious and environmentally forward importing company. 


The Producer: Gerardo Cáceres

It wasn't orignally on our radar to bring in this offering from Don Gerardo, but WOW we are so glad we did. This coffee is absolutely stunning, complex, balanced and very vivid. Whereas origins that traditionally get more attention, El Salvadorian growing environments, as exemplified by this coffee, showcase just how speical of a coffee growing country it is. There is some true magic happening in this rich, volcanic-nutrient soil!


Gerardo Cáceres is a 5th generation(!) farmer of Finca Colombia in Santa Ana, El Salvador.  While Finca Colombia is the main lot, Cáceres is continuing to expand and manager addiitonal farms which is allowing for stronger return, more diverse offerings, and exciting opportunities to strengthen his families role in the community.