Guatemala • El Pino

The Coffee

Producer: Milton Villatoro

Farm: El Pino

Processing: Washed

Varietal: Bourbon

Tasting: Red Apple, Cacao, Almond

The Importer: Onyx


The Producer: The Villatoro Family

On a personal level, the Villatoro family has been and continues to be an inspiration for our coffee menu. From a tasting/quality vantage, their coffees year over year are some of our (and yours!) favorites. After getting the opportunity to visit and meet in person, we knew immediately that this would be a source we hope to work with forever. The Villatoro family is a farming family that has continued to work their farm in the remote western highlands of Huehuetenango, in a small high valley called Hoja Blanca. Since the early 2000s onward, the Villatoro family has regularly won awards in national and international competitions for their spectacular coffees, including third place in the COE just last year. And there's good reason for it:  The entire family, from Aurelio's father-in-law Petronilo Martinez to his three children and their cousins, are single-minded in their pursuit of the absolute best coffees of Guatemala. We are proud to bring many of their offerings to your cup!